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Рецензии на Worshit - Blessed

На наш скромный диск поступило две рецензии, на английском и на русском.

На английском с сайта

What drew your attention first, the band name or the album art? Both are abrasive and begging to be investigated and you’re likely to find exactly what you thought you would. This band has an agenda - rebel. Whether that is religion, the media, or politics take your controversial string and pull it, and this band is likely to be hanging there. With their debut EP the band unleashes six songs all under two-minutes, and believe me that’s plenty of time to get their message across.

Led with a curious mission to, as the band puts it themselves “bring rhymes back to hardcore”, the disc is groovy punk with a hardcore spin. Leave Me Alone is bent on pushing away anyone who tries to convert this singer, named S. armed with a Latin accent, into any type of prophetic revolution. Doused in swagger the band introduce themselves as a new version of Minor Threat on drugs and peppered with lots and lots of spice. Loaded with tons of “uhh’s” and “braghhh’s” it’s like a trip back to 1985 when words meant less and the feeling of the music was enough to convey your emotion PC, short for political correctness, is the best example of hearing this method employed.

The band behind the singer are nothing special, but that’s not to take anything away from them as it should be noted this is not S. and the Worshit band. They bring a brand of hardcore back that’s rare from the scene today. Raw and pervasive the instruments make their mark every now and again. First recognition goes to Eaten Alive which has a saucy intro riff that shovels in the groovy rhythm section for the verses. Vain Youth, the best song on the affair, is a song of “Total Recall” with a riff inspired from the good ol’ days of The Offspring fast and catchy as hell the group put forth their best effort with ease.

All in all Worshit could definitely be something worth getting worked up about in the coming years, taking the best qualities from their forbearers it’s clear they did their homework with serious intent. Album closer Seeing Red is the best indication of this being the most innovative track on the record; opening with a slick bass line and great support from drummer A. the band close out on a hopeful and solid note. However clever their moniker is it can only sell them so far and the band obviously recognize this. Not spreading their issues and purpose too thin the band make their introduction short and sweet leaving the hope for a bright future.

by fromtheinside

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